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The SmartIrrigation Cotton App is an interactive ET-based soil water balance model. It uses meteorological data, soil parameters, crop growth stage, crop coefficients, measured rainfall, and irrigation applications to estimate root zone soil water deficits in terms of inches of water and percent of total. The App provides these two pieces of information to the user.

The model does not deliver irrigation application recommendations. However, the user can utilize the root zone soil water deficit information to make appropriate irrigation decisions. The Cotton App provides notifications to the user when actions such as irrigation are needed.

For example, the Cotton App sends the user a notification when the root zone plant available soil water deficit exceeds 50% of plant available soil water indicating that irrigation is recommended. We evaluated the App during 2012 and 2013 in replicated plot experiments and in commercial fields. The App predictions matched field observations reasonably well.

The Cotton App was released April, 2014. Watch the tutorial below to learn to use the Cotton App.