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Strawberry model development was led by Dr. Fraisse. To better address the irrigation needs of central Florida strawberry growers, FAWN developed an irrigation-scheduling tool using IFAS developed crop coefficients, available science, and field level research results. The FAWN scheduler utilizes user-submitted information to determine both duration and interval between irrigation events for a 2-week period. Specifically, users submit row spacing, planting and anticipated harvest date, irrigation system flow rate and efficiency, and then select a FAWN site. Planting and harvest dates are used to determine the percentage to date of the current crop season. A soil water balance is maintained using the same crop ET estimation used for the citrus model. Crop coefficients (Kc) are then calculated for drip-irrigated strawberries on plastic mulch beds based on relationships established by Clark et al. (1992). The current FAWN based Strawberry Irrigation Scheduling Tool can be found at http://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/tools/irrigation/strawberry/.

During the last two growing seasons Dr. Fraisse has conducted experiments at the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center to help determine the length of time from anthesis to mature fruit (i.e. the fruit development period) for strawberry grown in an open field, plasticulture system normally used by growers in Florida. The Smartphone app will differ from the web-based tool in its ability to store information within the app (including cumulative water savings), integration of new research information on strawberry irrigation (collected by Dr. Fraisse), the inclusion of forecasting data for irrigation planning, and having a mobile user interface. The strawberry app will provide users with an irrigation schedule based on a water balance and real-time weather and forecasted data intended to conserve water while also minimizing nutrient leaching from the root zone.

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